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At N2K

N2K is a company dedicated to the statistical analysis of data via mathematical modelling

We can mix different sources of data for eye-catching presentation sand correct decision making

We model the current scenario and provide knowledge to improve in the future using empirical knowledge
We love data... We shuffle numbers and play with them... And we return information and produce knowledge...

Let the numbers talk...

And You will know...

What you excel at

Where to improve

Who are your best clients in quantity and quality

How does your competitors behave

Our philosophy

Numbers: Data

Primary Sources from the company: Databases, CRM, Internet, Sensors

Secondary Sources: Public Databases, social networks

Other sources


Preparation of the Worksheet: Categorize the variables and the decision parameters

Develop models, models and more models


Back the current knowledge up

Establish profiles

Determine and quantify performance indicators

Infer behaviour

Define New procedures


How we may help?

Showing the paths for better decision making based on data

Analyzing commercial campaigns and calculating conversion rates

Profiling your clients to improve success

We want to work with you to ...

"Mathematize" your current knowledge and analytically define your business

Become your partner as Analytics as a Service (AaaS).

Be your department of mathematical research